Monday, March 7, 2011

WZZN 97.7 The Zone should continue airing the Scottie and Redfish Show

image Auburn fans can’t handle the truth. You may have heard that a group of Auburn fans are organizing an advertiser boycott in order to shut down one of the state’s fastest growing sports radio talk shows, the Scottie and Redfish Show, which airs on the Huntsville station (97.7 FM) Monday through Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. You can listen to the show live online by clicking here.

Alabamians, regardless of football affiliation, should reject this blatant and un-American attempt to stifle the voices of Moore and Barger. The radio station is going about this the right way—knowing full well that truth is an absolute defense against charges of slander and libel.

This is not a football thing. This is a matter of free speech and freedom of information. This goes to the heart of a free society.

“Scottie” is Scott Moore, the individual making news the last two weeks regarding the existence of recordings and text message archives believed to incriminate Cecil Newton in new and interesting ways in the scheme to obtain an improper payment for his son Cam’s signature to play football. In addition to the incriminating recordings, Moore believes one or more of the pieces of evidence also show that Cam not only knew about his father’s nefarious dealings, he was in on the plan.

Moore has been making the circuit of radio shows, explaining that he has heard some of the material and strongly believes in their validity. The recordings and text messages are in the possession of former Mississippi State Quarterback John Bond. The radio station is exercising proper diligence in not airing any of the recordings until their authenticity can be established. That is sound journalistic practice and such responsible exercise of their First Amendment right should be supported, applauded and rewarded.

The tactics being attempted by this small number of rabid Auburn fans are despicable and represent the exact opposite of what the First Amendment is all about.

One of the principles of a free society is a free press and freedom of information. The old saying goes, “I may not like or agree with what you say, but as an American I will defend with my life your right to say it.”

The recordings, if authentic, are evidence.  This is evidence that the public has a right to examine and interpret for themselves. My conversations with the radio station executives, sales staff and on air personalities indicate that the Auburn fans’ boycott intimidation effort is having little impact, but it is troubling nonetheless that a group of people professing the noble Auburn Creed would stoop to trying the types of tactics favored by left-wing radicals.

This is not the way a free people should behave. 

If you agree with me—and I’m sure all red-blooded Americans do--please call the WZZN office number (256) 382-0724. Leave a message for John Nichols, Program Director, telling him to keep the Redfish and Moore show. Tell Mr. Nichols that you are a supporter of the First Amendment to the Constitution, and that you support the advertisers and sponsors of the show. It’s the American thing to do.

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