Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who else see the Leprechaun say YEAHH! – Crichton story revisited

image I told ya. It’s Mobile. And it’s Leprechaun season.

It was always the “amateur sketch” that got me.  There was also the multitude of remixes of the original YouTube story, but how could you not immediately identify the Leprechaun from that sketch?

Dude, that’s Cecil O’Newton in an Irish Hat!

It was five years ago that Scott Walker, former WPMI TV News Anchor, first introduced us to the story that took YouTube by storm and launched an internet sensation.

Ignore the “implicitly racist” comments made by left-wing nut-jobs who are incapable at laughing at themselves or others like them. That’s just a bunch of tripe from the state media cartel, aka,

I am a resident of Mobile. In leftist, divisionist logic, I should have been embarrassed by this story, but instead I was as amused at my fellow Mobilians hamming it up for the camera as I can be.  I’m a white boy, but it’s not like I can’t laugh at my fellow white boy rednecks hamming it up when a 14-foot alligator is sighted in a local drainage ditch, or when the rich lawyer wins the lottery and claims he’s gonna spend it by building new hunting camp and installing a new “double wide.”  This is Alabama. We’re different here and we like it that way.

Laugh at yourself and I laugh with you.  Cry over yourself, and I laugh at you.

Here is the original video and da best remix evah from the last five years of fun on St. Patrick’s Day.


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