Monday, March 28, 2011

Cinderella, allow me to introduce you to… Cinderella

image Raise your hand if you had Virginia Commonwealth playing Butler in the Final Four.

I’ll wait while you check your bracket.


I’ve scanned the Top 50 in the Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick’em and some have VCU, some have Butler, but none have both.

UPDATE: Two of the nearly six million brackets submitted to ESPN’s tourney got it right. Two.

President Barack Obama, I and millions of other amateur bracketologists saw their contest hopes crushed by Virginia Commonwealth’s dismantling of an outmanned, outrun, outshot and outcoached Kansas. Kansas didn’t do itself any favors by missing what? 763,109 free throws. Not to mention the open jumpers and easy layups. They couldn’t buy a basket when they needed one. But to VCU’s credit, they made the Jayhawks pay for every missed opportunity and they never let up.

How big is this? At no point in the history of the NCAA Men’s Tournament have two teams seeded this low played each other in the Final Four. This is history, bay-bee!

Alabama fans, this is what Crimson Tide men’s basketball will look like in a couple of years. Suffocating defense, blazing speed and pinpoint shot accuracy wins basketball games, and Coach Anthony Grant is the principal architect of the Rams’ bracket-busting play. Our future looks very bright indeed, doesn’t it?

Seeing Butler return to the Final Four is no big surprise, given their run right into the championship game against Duke last year. But the Bulldogs were a No. 5 seed then. They were a No. 8 seed this year. The Rams vs. Bulldogs matchup guarantees that there will be another lowly seeded team playing for the title in Houston next week.

None of the No. 1 seeds are left. Kentucky took out Ohio State. VCU took out Kansas. Arizona took out Duke before losing to UConn, and Butler took out Pitt in what may have been the best game in the tournament so far.

It’s been a great March Madness, and there are still three big games left.

Two of those games will feature teams very few of us even had within spitting distance of Houston.

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