Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BAMS Radio goes LIVE tonight at 8:00 CDT!

 I’m not affiliated with the founders of the show, but let me tell ya… if the pilot program was any indication, this is gonna be one fun blog talk radio show. Your host and hostess are BamaBird and HT, respectively.
BAMS Radio promises to be a hard hitting sports talk program that analyzes topics pertinent to college sports. Primarily centered on Alabama topics, the Bird and HT will tackle any sports subject that other local media outlets choose to ignore.
Yours truly will be joining the inaugural broadcast tonight at 8:30 CST. I’ll update things as they relate to the legal and political aspects of the biggest sports topics in the SEC—the NCAA’s investigation into the recruitment of former Auburn Quarterback, Cam Newton, and ancillary investigations by the FBI, Mississippi Secretary of State and the Attorney General.
Some time is sure to be devoted to the recently released audio of Paul Finebaum's lecture at Birmingham Southern College, and you won't want to miss that. Rumor has it that The Legend™ will make an appearance.
Be sure to tune in and hear an interesting, snarky, wide ranging, funny and sometimes hard core analysis of college sports. The link is right over there –->>
But if you’re lazy and don’t want to look over there, here’s the link to the show’s home page.
Who knows where these two are gonna go…
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