Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AUBurgeddon: Scott Moore was telling the truth

JailAubie Via his website, MooreVoicesLLC.com, besieged (and probably defamed) former radio talk show host Scott Moore has released a letter sent to him by John Bond’s attorney, Phil Abernethy.

The letter, printed on the firm’s stationery, signed by Abernethy and scanned using a $1,500 Lexmark multifunction printer/scanner/copier has been verified as authentic. IBCR contacted the law firm and spoke with Mr. Abernethy's administrative assistant, who confirmed the letter's authenticity.

The letter also serves as the most convincing evidence yet that Moore was telling the truth about the existence of the recordings, their reported contents and the existence of ongoing investigations into the recruitment of former Auburn Quarterback, Cam Newton.

Again, this letter has been authenticated.

This evidence is also likely to strengthen Mr. Moore’s cause of action in potential litigation against the Never to Yield Foundation.

IBCR Legal Analyst GMAN-1104 posted this analysis of Mr. Moore’s situation last week, explaining that there was a fairly strong argument to be made that the Foundation had defamed Mr. Moore by accusing him in a website post of lying about incriminating recordings. Truth is an absolute defense against slander and libel defamation actions, which means that if Mr. Moore was being dishonest, the Foundation would skate.
Now that Mr. Bond’s attorney has acknowledged both the existence of recordings and the ongoing nature of investigations by the NCAA, FBI and Mississippi state officials, the  Foundation’s “truth defense” has apparently been vaporized.

Scott Moore made Tsunami-like waves earlier this month when he announced on the air that the recordings existed. He was immediately attacked by a group of people who had no interest at all in having those recordings surface. He was the subject of a relentless assault on internet websites, blogs and partisan radio talk shows. He had his own life and the safety of his loved ones threatened. He had his personal life dragged into the public spotlight and saw an organized campaign stifle his voice and trample on your right to hear the evidence and judge it for yourself.

All because he was bold enough to tell the truth. We find that tragic and disgusting.

Exit question: When does the Never to Yield Foundation print a public retraction and apologize to Mr. Moore? Bodog would probably put the over/under somewhere north of “Never.”

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Anonymous said...

It's time to put up or shut up on the tape issue. I know legal means has to be worked through, but until then let it rest.Give the barners enough rope they will tie a knot (hangman) in it and hold on till the evidence comes to light, then they will kick the chair out from under the GUILTY... All in the name of family....

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