Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BingoGate: McGregor wants to play the tapes for witnesses

In a motion filed in US District Court for Middle Alabama, Milton McGregor—the indicted casino and racetrack owner, political powerbroker, one time Colonial BancGroup board member and Auburn University booster—requests the Court’s permission to share or disclose the contents of wiretap recordings to prospective witnesses.

The wiretaps represent the central body of evidence against McGregor and nine other defendants currently under indictment on charges of conspiracy, money laundering and bribery, in connection with an alleged scheme to bribe legislators in the 2010 Alabama legislative session.

Trial is currently scheduled for June 6, 2010, in Montgomery.

In the motion, McGregor’s counsel states that such disclosure could include playing the recordings themselves, providing transcripts of the recorded conversations and discussing the contents with witnesses who were a party to the conversation(s).


This motion comes despite a prior motion by McGregor and the other defendants to suppress the wiretaps. The government does not oppose today’s motion by McGregor, but vigorously opposes the motion to suppress and a hearing on the matter is scheduled to begin February 28.

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