Thursday, February 10, 2011

The AuburnGate Board

It’s a slow news day in Alabama, especially on the topic du jour, the ongoing investigations into all manners of wrongdoing in the state, from bank fraud to conspiracy, from money laundering to bribery, from racketeering to human trafficking and illegal recruiting.

Only a single court order came from the Middle Alabama Federal District Court—an order regarding pretrial conferences. Nothing sexy there, fellow popcorn munchers.

That’s a good thing because I’ve had a lot of extra day job responsibilities to tend to today. It’s probably a good thing nothing major broke today. It’s been a busy week!

In the meantime, a new site has been established as a clearinghouse for major media outlet stories on what’s become our favorite subject since the first week of November.

The name of the joint is AuburnGate, appropriately enough. There is no charge for the site and it includes a set of rather loosely moderated message boards to facilitate discussion. I’ve visited it and it’s small, tidy and easy to navigate.  Highly recommended.

I have no fiduciary or administrative relationship with the site. I just like clearinghouses of information, and that site’s a good one.

Contributors from all fanbases are welcomed, from tirekickers to rabid fanatics.  But be warned—while the site is loosely moderated, there are some ground rules and before you go clicking off on a flamethrowing expedition, please read and understand:

To participate in discussions on this forum, you must follow the following rules:

  1. We will NOT tolerate any flaming or a deliberate act of creating a post in order to incite other members of the forum
  2. Bigotry and racism will NOT be tolerated.
  3. Do NOT personally attack another member of this forum. We expect fans from a wide variety of schools to join this forum and any post attacking another is prohibited.
  4. Do NOT post any pornographic or sexually explicit images OR links to adult or sexually explicit websites
  5. Do NOT use excessive profanity. Excessive use of profanity in a post will likely get your post deleted.
  6. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any member threaten another poster with physical violence of any nature whatsoever.
  7. Please choose a subject heading that accurately describes the content of your thread.


Ok.  Off you go.

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