Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oops: Auburn’s big recruiting weekend spoils Uncle Luther’s party plans

Last night, SportsbyBrooks practically blew up the internet by exposing a planned “Party with the Auburn Players” scheduled for the upcoming weekend.  The Twittersphere nearly melted down.

According to the Facebook announcement, $50 would have gotten you in the door. But if you dropped $500 in the kitty ($750 for couples), you got da VIP treatment, baby:



Oh my.  Sounds like fun.

Fortunately for the AU compliance staff, wiser heads prevailed and the organizers cancelled the soiree today.


Well, notwithstanding the fact that having active members of the AU roster present at a party that charges anywhere from $50 to $750 for access to the BCS champs (who you know weren’t paying a nickel to be the star attractions) is fraught with all kinds of extra benefit problems, Uncle Luke is Luke Campbell. 2 Live Crew’s Luke Campbell.

The dude who openly bragged about paying football players at Miami during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Yeah.  That Luther Campbell. Not exactly the kind of guy AU wants to headline a party for the “all in fambly.” Especially not with the NCAA Enforcement investigators turning over rocks and cow patties down on da plains.

But there’s another really good reason why AU moved so quickly to shut down the hoe down. This is one of the biggest recruiting weekends of college football’s second season. Atta way to show the boyz a good time, huh?

Exit question: What are the chances that this story makes any of the papers affiliated with the state media cartel,

Place ya bets, playas!  Are ya all in?


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