Friday, January 21, 2011

Cam Newton’s agent: Connection to Cecil Newton’s church repairs?

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Call it a coincidence (if you believe in such things as coincidences, UFO’s and the tooth fairy) or call it another link in the chain. Another brick in the wall. Another nail in the … you get the idea.

Per SportingNews today, Cam Newton, tainted Heisman Trophy winning quarterback for the 2010 BCS Champion Auburn Tigers, has signed with an agent. The agent he signed with is Bus Cook, famed for representing future hall of famer Brett Favre.

Bus Cook is affiliated with Perennial Sports. There’s another figure connected with the Newtons who is also affiliated with Perennial. His name is Anthony (Tony) Paige.

Does that name ring a bell?


Cam has a brother named Cecil Newton, Jr. who had a brief stint in the NFL himself. 

Guess who he was represented by?

Who is your agent/agency and what factors went into your decision?

Newton: My agent is Tony Paige with Perennial Sports and Entertainment. My father did a lot of background on potentially 10-15 other agencies that were recruiting me. Tony was a great selection because of his knowledge and experience in the industry.

Are there two men named Anthony Paige? May be. Both are African American males, both are associated with the Newtons, both have the same name. One guy named Anthony Paige was presented to the Newnan City Council as the guy who would oversee repairs to Cecil Newton’s church. Another guy named Anthony Paige is a registered sports agent, who works for the same company that Cam’s agent does, and who also represented Cam’s big brother.

But none of this is connected, right?



 UPDATE: From agent Tony’ Paige’s website at Perennial Sports:



“One of the best ways to give back to the community that nurtured you is by setting up a non-profit organization. Perennial can assist, prepare and administer the formation and operation of a foundation.”

He’s absolutely right, of course. Many very worthy non-profit organizations have been formed by star athletes, and a great number of them do wonderful things for the communities the athletes used to call home.

But the the Department of Justice has an entire Division dedicated to rooting out and prosecuting those who use 501(c)(3) tax status to hide income and launder money. Just sayin…

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Virginia, there is a Tony Paige and an Anthony Paige. Keep trying.

Anonymous said...

There is also an AU representative that did the work on the church Pro Bono. At first Cecil said his son paid for the repairs to the church. Later he changed that story to say the work was done for free. Who does $50,000 worth of work for free? How do we know it was $50,000 well that is the figure on the Building Permit. The Feds know who did the work. However Cam is far from the problem only AU has. In fact they have two more problems that may become almost as big as the Newton case. Up to four Federal Investigations and three separate state investigations mean one thing a lot of smoke on the plains. Maybe the cow patties are burning or maybe there is something to all of this.

Anonymous said...

Guys I'm a girl and a Auburn fan! I know we are in trouble with the NCAA and they are going to take away the NC from us. But I don't care. All I care about is this little baby inside me. You see I had sex with Cam. Thats right the baby is Cams. When Cam gets all his money I'm going to tell him about the baby. I just hope it's a boy! And looks just like Cam. I hope it has little Cam ears. But its ok if it a girl because I will name her Cammie. Cam if you read this I love you! And don't worry about my racist dad if will except you when you get your money. Love you!

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