Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barack Hussein AUBama: Auburn’s Charter Flight to Glendale

Back in April 2009, the Obama Regime caused quite a stir of panic and alarm when it had Air Force One make an unusual “Maneuver” over New York City and the Statue of Liberty. The reason, explained the White House, was to provide a photo opportunity.

Well, in making the pilgrimage to Glendale, Arizona for the BCS National Championship Game, Auburn University made an unusual change of course during its charter flight.  Not only did the university charter a 747 and carry a posse of about 400 people, they made Delta Airlines swing over the campus and Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Barack Hussein Obama is the world’s first street thug/community organizer to be elected President.  Auburn is on the quest for its first ever legitimate national title, and  they’re both using big aircraft to make a point.

Here’s the flight path of AU’s chartered jet, via FlightAware:


Here’s a zoom in on the relevant leg of the journey:


By comparison, here’s the flight path of a similar aircraft making the same trip between KATL (Atlanta) and KPHX (Phoenix) later the very same day:


Classic.  Remember the old adage about playing for big stakes at a high level: “Act like you’ve been there before.”

In all fairness, the University of Alabama chartered a private jet for its trip to Pasadena, California for the 2010 BCS title game.  However, Bama chartered a 757, a plane with roughly half the capacity. It also left from Birmingham because Tuscaloosa’s airport runways are too short for a large commercial jet to take off with enough fuel for a cross-continent journey.

One also wonders whether Auburn decided on the much larger Jumbo 747 so that it could carry all the John Deere Tractors, hay trailers, heads of cattle and cases of toilet paper needed for the victory parade that they’ll be having right after the game.

I sure hope Glendale has a reasonable facsimile of Toomer’s Corner somewhere in town, or there’s gonna be a bunch of very pissed off barners.


Big h/t to RT3413 over at Tidefans.com.



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