Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fatal Panama City Shooting: “Surreal”

Authorities in Panama City called yesterday’s violent outbreak at a school board meeting “surreal.” I call it typical and expected.  It’s typical, and it’s bound to happen again when we have a government and a media that constantly enforces the false sense that life is supposed to be fair and that everyone is entitled to their fair share.

Here’s the video from

Despite his shock, Bay City Schools Superintendent Bill Husfelt mustered a calm voice and tried to persuade Duke to drop the gun, but the 56-year-old ex-convict just shook his head, blaming officials for his wife being fired. Video showed him slowly raising the gun and leveling it at Husfelt, who pleaded "Please don't, please don't."

Here’s a snapshot of the shooter’s facebook page (click the image for the full size version):


"My testament: Some people (the government sponsored media) will say I was evil, a monster (V) ... no ... I was just born poor in a country where the Wealthy manipulate, use, abuse, and economically enslave 95 percent of the population. Rich Republicans, Rich Democrats ... same-same ... rich ... they take turns fleecing us ... our few dollars ... pyramiding the wealth for themselves."

The facebook page (which has been taken down) also lists Media Matters, Warren Buffet, and as interests.

There seems to be a pattern, here. That’s right, folks.  Clay Duke, the deceased shooter in the video above, was upset because he’s a lefty who thinks the rich are out to soak the little guy. He bought into the leftist meme that everyone is supposed to get their fair share of the world’s income “distribution.”  Who does this sound like to you?  If the man had any ambition, he could have started a new career as a community organizer.


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