Friday, November 12, 2010

Media Assault: Proof that 2010 was the Year of the Conservative Woman

image Want proof that 2010 was the year of the conservative woman? Look no further than the Culture and Media Institute’s report that the mainstream media mounted a full scale assault on the conservative women who led the Tea Party’s Tsunami on November 2.

Conservative women shatter the liberal narrative.  Women are supposed to be liberal.  They’re supposed to be Democrats.  The women of 2010 are precisely the kind of success story that the feminists of the left are supposed to be all for.  They are multitasking monsters of success—managing successful careers, successful small businesses, successful marriages, successful families and successful political campaigns.

The problem that the left and its propaganda wing have with all this success is that it’s producing conservative women instead of liberal ones.  This comes as no surprise to the right—people who are successful due to their own efforts tend to be politically conservative. But it comes as a stone cold shocka to the left, whose pigeon-holing view of the world holds that people of certain demographics are expected to behave in a certain way.  Blacks, Hispanics and women are supposed to be liberal, dammit!

Earlier in 2010, CBS reported that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was ridiculing the Republican Party over its women. “As Democrats head into what is expected to be a tough election year for them, the party says it has a solid lead over Republicans in one respect – its number of women candidates.”

As it turned out, the GOP fielded about 100 female House candidates, and ended up expanding the number of women in its House ranks by more than 40 percent. In California, it ran strong conservative women candidates for governor and the Senate. In Nevada, Sharron Angle ran a tough campaign against the sitting Senate Majority Leader. And it was remarked more than once that women were driving much of the Tea Party enthusiasm. It was the “Year of the Republican Woman,” not that the media would let on.

When they weren’t ignoring it, liberal journalists were flailing about in attempts to understand and explain the meaning of conservative women’s sudden rise in politics. After all, as Taylor Marsh wrote in The Huffington Post Sept. 30, “This is what the Republican Tea Party stands for today, the marginalizing of women on the most extreme terms. Something all Independents thinking of joining their ranks should note.” On the same site, this time on Election Day, writer Marcia G. Yermin wondered, “Why does the ‘Mama Grizzly’ phenomenon, and right-wing women candidates staking a claim to the feminist legacy, leave me both incredulous and aggravated?”

From the Daily Caller story that covered this report:

image The report’s author, Matt Philbin, told The Daily Caller that many media outlets, but specifically Politico and MSNBC, have a double standard when it comes to how they report news regarding conservative female politicians as opposed to liberal female politicians.

“She’s [Bachmann] dangerous to them. I think, like Sarah Palin, they find her dangerous. Women are supposed to be liberal,” Philbin said. “They’re supposed to vote Democrat, just as blacks and Latinos are supposed to vote Democrat. Having a strong conservative woman that voices conservative concerns and understands conservative economics is very disconcerting to the left and to the media.”

Debbie Lee, a member of the Tea Party Express and founder of America’s Mighty Warriors, a non-profit that helps families of fallen soldiers, said she agrees that the media is harsher on conservative women than liberal women.

“I think we’ve seen a huge prejudice with attacks against conservative women. We don’t see that with the liberal, left-leaning women that are in there,” Lee told TheDC. “I think it is a pattern, a concerning pattern, when the media continues to attack conservative women, but, on the other side, lets things slide and doesn’t have the same consistency [for liberal women].”

Philbin’s analysis is particularly insightful.  The left and the media are, quite frankly, scared witless of people like Bachmann and Palin. Because they also shatter the left’s demographics=politics narrative, people like Allen West and Tim Scott are also a threat. But perhaps no one shatters the narrative better than New Mexico’s Susana Martinez and South Carolina’s Nikki Haley.  These two are minority women, and they’re GASP! conservatives!

Having been married to a conservative woman for more than two decades, one of the things I’ve seen from this group surprises me the least, but shocks the left:  They don’t take the smears and media heat in silence and submission. When these women are attacked, they fight back in ways that would make a “papa grizzly” whimper and slink away.

image Sarah Palin’s influence has grown as the result of the media attacks on her.  You can expect women like Michele Bachmann, Nikki Haley and Susana Martinez to see their influence grow as well.  The more the media and the left assault these people, the more others like them—and there are millions and millions more like them—see the smears as an attack on their own values.

A thirty- to fifty-something woman, having established herself through successful endeavor after successful endeavor, isn’t simply going to sit idly and have her conservative sisterhood derided and ridiculed by white liberals like Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann.  Everything these women have accomplished, they’ve accomplished through their own determination and hard work. They’re not going to let the left dictate their behavior to them any more than my wife lets me dictate her behavior.

These women have achieved success because they are principled, disciplined and determined.  The attacks mounted by the left and its propaganda mouthpieces at MSNBC, CNN and Politico show the threat these women are to their narrative, and show that 2010 was indeed the Year of the Conservative Woman.

You go, girls!


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