Saturday, November 13, 2010

BOMBSHELL: Cecil Newton admits seeking money from Mississippi State

Every day, the Cam Newton saga gets a new twist.  Late last night, an Atlanta TV station said that Cecil Newton, the star quarterback’s father, has admitted that he sought money for his son’s services from Mississippi State.

CamSmileCecil Newton Sr., the father of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, has admitted to seeking money from a former Mississippi State player in exchange for his son signing with the school, according to a TV station in Atlanta.

A person told a reporter at WSB-TV that Newton Sr. said he received no money and the conversations did not involve Mississippi State officials. Newton Sr. also stressed that Cam Newton or his mother was unaware of the discussions.

The story is the latest piece to the saga that has unfolded in the last nine days.

If true, this would almost certainly doom Cam Newton’s eligibility as a college student-athlete.

Auburn University has stood by their Heisman-hopeful sensation, but late yesterday switched to a “no comment” response regarding his status for today’s game against the University of Georgia, leading to speculation that his playing status would be a “game time” decision.


R said...

"A person told a reporter" I guess that's better than a tree telling him....but not much better.

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