Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(VIDEO) Karl Rove: 'They Think the American People Are So Stupid'

Karl Rove on Fox and Friends this morning.  It’s nearly a five minute segment, but the chuckle quote comes at the end, when Rove says: “I want to meet that idiot!”

He’s speaking in regards to the numskull who thinks its productive to bring him into a debate, despite the fact that he’s been gone for two years.  Obviously referring to David Axelrod.  Or, maybe it’s Obama…

Rove also hammers the real point—that the ad (which hasn’t aired yet) is just a distraction from a record of high unemployment, soaring deficits and an utterly failed stimulus plan.

The “crime” he, Gillespie and the US Chamber of Commerce are being accused of was made illegal in 1907…