Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SWEET: “Angry” Alan Grayson losing to Daniel Webster

image Alan Grayson is a first class horse’s ass, who made himself a target of conservatives nationwide and deliberately lied in a campaign ad. 

Now, a new Sunshine State News Poll shows Republican Challenger Daniel Webster pulling away in the race for Florida's 8th Congressional District.

At this point in the race, Webster’s lead appears to be insurmountable, and Grayson’s entire campaign strategy appears to have backfired on him.

You know you’re in trouble when the story reporting the poll results describes you as “increasingly malodorous.”

Holding a steady 7-point lead over a controversial and increasingly malodorous incumbent, Republican Daniel Webster is poised to knock out U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, a new Sunshine State News Poll shows.

Webster, a former state senator, leads Grayson, D-Orlando, 48-41. Florida TEA Party candidate Peg Dunmire garnered 4 percent, No Party Affiliation candidate George Metcalfe got 1 percent, and 5 percent of respondents were undecided.
In a previous poll, conducted Sept. 25, Webster led Grayson 43-36, an identical 7-point margin.

"Webster has to be the favorite here. Grayson has failed to turn his negative image around, and is still viewed in a negative light by a 55-38 margin," said Jim Lee, president of Voter Survey Service, which conducted both polls. "This means Grayson has very little if any room to grow."

Poll wonks can find the crosstabs for the survey here (PDF).

This District went for Obama in 2008, but Grayson’s favorability ratings are even lower than the President’s in the region. It just goes to show that constantly being a horse’s ass catches up with you sooner or later.  Grayson is an embarrassment to the 8th Congressional District electorate, and they appear to have had enough of him.


Nanette said...

Here in Florida, we have been asking Grayson who he'd support for Speaker of the House. He won't even respond. Dan Webster took the time to talk to us. Us being the Speaker Education Project. You can view Webster's video at www.SpeakerEducationProject.com. As well as check out other candidates of interest. Enjoy!

NadePaulKuciGravMcKi said...

bush cheney rove rummy rice LOVE webster

Julie Weathers said...

Bush isn't running. The only major public appearance I have seen him make was to support relief efforts in Haiti. After they he and Laura hosted a reception in their home for Gold Star Mothers on Gold Star Day. You'll note what the WH did to honor these women. So, why is Bush's name even mentioned in this election cycle?

He certainly has nothing to do with Grayson being an ass.

Johnny Walnuts said...


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