Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back: White House denies it quashed spill reports

Push Back:

WASHINGTON — The White House is pushing back against accusations that the administration blocked government scientists from telling the public just how bad the BP oil spill could become.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs says the White House never tried to withhold “the most accurate and timely information” on the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico as soon as it became available.

Oh yes they did.

The time frame referenced in the Commission’s report was around April 29, the White House’s "WTF moment.” This is the approximate time frame that new sources of leaking oil were discovered.  This was also about the time that El Presidente decided that he wouldn’t visit the Gulf, then panicked and reversed himself.

At this point, the public was getting angrier and angrier at the lack of a coordinated response, and this is when the regime started the tough talk.  The boot on the throat stuff.

In this environment, does anyone really think the White House is going to let a worse case scenario estimate of spill quantity get out there in the news cycle?

Despite the regime’s best efforts to quash the data, the Mobile Press-Register’s Ben Raines had already documented the existence of the “war room” memo.  Raines mentions that in his story in the Press-Register today.


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