Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile glad to welcome foreign assistance. Obama on the Gulf Oil Spill… Not so much

The colors of their flag are Red, White and Blue.  And if you were anything like me, you watched today as miner after miner was carefully taken to the surface.  They hugged loved ones.  They shook hands with their President.  And they gave their love to their country.

But though Chile is an advanced society, they didn’t get those folks out alone.  They needed help, and they knew the international community would respond to their request for assistance.  For example, the drilling system employed came from a Pennsylvania mining company.  A great deal of the technology to deal with the physical and medical complications of being extracted from such depths came from NASA in the United States.  Additional technology came from Peru, Canada and Australia.

Does this sound familiar, especially with regards to a natural/manmade disaster that occurred recently in the United States?

Does Chile’s President sound like a Captain Kickass to you?

President Pinera and the First Lady have been in the Atacama Desert since the evacuation began to personally greet each man as he emerges from the underground chamber.

Florencio Avalos, the first miner to be rescued from the San Jose mine, received a giant bear-hug from Chile's leader.

Speaking after Mr Avalos was freed from the specially made capsule, Mr Pinera said: "The lesson of the miners remains with us forever."

He added that the group had shown "that when Chile unites in the face of adversity, it can achieve great things".

Mr Pinera has become the champion of the miners during this crisis and the right-wing politician has seen his popularity soar.

Mr. Obama could hardly be bothered to even speak about the Macondo well’s capping, much less its final death

Course not.  In fact, the regime’s latest diatribe is a rant against foreigners. Citizen of the World Obama has sounded and acted like someone who just can’t be bothered by this whole “cooperation” thing.

He’s been too busy playing golf, talking about Republican slurpees and explaining how there’s really no such animal as a “shovel-ready job.” 


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