Thursday, October 14, 2010




I’m posting this in support of the Ace of Spades HQ Get out the Vote campaign, called Be The Wave.  Click on the image above, sign up, and start helping paint the country CRIMSON RED.

Updated to fix the link from the graphic above.

If you are a blogger, host this widget at your site.  Just grab the following code, use your blog’s editor to add a widget (add a gadget in Google Blogger), and paste the following HTML code:

<a href=""><img src="[4].jpg" alt="Don't just catch the wave.  BE THE WAVE" border="0" /></a>


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. FYI - typo in the URL for the graphic at top (the one on the right is correct).

David L. said...

Thanks for the heads up.


Beth said...

Hey neighbor, I just found you on the Be The Wave thing. I'm another AOSHQ Moron in Mobile! :)

David L. said...

Heh... Imagine that. Two conservative Bama fans run into each other via a blog hosted in Massachusetts.

It's not a small world--just a small innerweb!

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