Thursday, October 21, 2010

Around the Blogosphere: The Right Reaction to Juan Williams’ firing

Hot Air: Rather than explore the topic, NPR decided to can him instead in order to maintain their “editorial standards and practices,” but more to the point, their editorial and ideological purity.  That’s exactly what Williams meant when he warned about political correctness, and unwittingly turned himself into an object lesson in it.

Strata-Sphere: Scott Brown will tell you two issues propelled him into office: Obamacare and this administrations blind eye to terrorism. Watch this story ripple in ways no one expects to happen.

Jawa Report: OK, I see. NPR's policy seems to be if you don't have your nose up Steve Inskeep's ass and agree with his obvious anti-war, America sucks narrative you're out. Truth be damned.

Hugh Hewitt: NPR's decision to fire Juan Williams is such an outrageous assault on the idea of the free expression of ideas, thoughts and, yes, fears, that it could well impact the election. Williams is a widely-respected liberal, a serious combatant in the battle of ideas, and the decision of the lefty NPR elite to silence him will anger millions of America who will see in the action the worst sort of political correctness…

Michelle Malkin:  As I’ve said many times before: Political correctness is the handmaiden of terror. Condolences to Juan Williams, whom I’ve debated –vigorously, but always with respect and cordiality — many times over the years.  Hope this accelerates his journey on the ideological learning curve. And I hope he doesn’t back down.

Erick Erickson, Red State: The man’s body of work makes clear he is no bigot. But we sure can’t offend muslims can we? This is disgusting. But then the official state run media cannot have anyone expressing anything that might reflect what actual Americans think regarding Islamofascists because there is officially no such thing according to the Obama Administration.

Melissa Clouthier, Liberty Pundits: What is wrong with liberals? Michelle goes on to document how they’re behind Juan’s firing. I find it inexplicable. But then, they’ve had it in for Juan because he deigns to commentate on Fox which just grinds their gears. He’s like a lib in a short skirt, he had it coming. P.S. Clearly, NPR is not a neutral organization. They need to be defunded. Now.

Dan Riehl: What Juan Williams did is very similar to why the Left hates Sarah Palin, other conservative women and conservative homosexuals. He played against the progressive stereotype of himself, revealing a balanced and too candid humanity within. For a moment, in essence, he became too real.


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