Monday, October 18, 2010

AP presses the Whine Button on “productive Congress”

Jim Abrams of the Associated Press presses the “Whine Button,” and laments why this accomplished, productive Congress gets the Rodney Dangerfield treatment from the voters.  Naturally, he completely misses the point of voter motivation and spouts the whole leftist mantra all over again.  These dumb voters…  Don’t they know all the wonderful things we’ve accomplished here?

Help ButtonDemocrats struggling now to retain majorities in the House and Senate must deal with a public that is quick to blame Washington for the prolonged economic downturn, and that resents the bank bailouts that were actually passed by the previous Congress.

Congress passed an $814 billion economic stimulus package soon after President Barack Obama took office, tapping a staggering sum of money to avoid a full-blown depression. Democrats have trumpeted the gains from that effort, but know it's not enough for restive voters. "Americans still see themselves in a ditch," said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

The two other landmark acts of this session were the health care overhaul, a giant step toward universal coverage that had eluded presidents back to Franklin Roosevelt if not Teddy Roosevelt, and the Wall Street accountability act.

Obama has also signed into law at least a dozen other pieces of legislation of significance.

But in taking on issues for the history books, Democrats have failed on some matters close to the hearts of allies whose energy is vital in an election. Legislation making it easier to unionize workplaces is stalled, Hispanics are still pressing for an overhaul of the immigration system and environmental groups want action on climate change.

Democratic leaders put off action for nearly two years on preventing a massive tax increase come Jan. 1, when the Bush-era tax cuts run out. And they couldn't even put a budget together this year. But it's not what Congress didn't accomplish the past two years, it's what it did do that seems to have voters most riled.

See what he did with the narrative, here?

The public is too quick to blame Congressional Democrats for their economic woes you see, despite the fact that Democrats have had control of both houses of Congress for four years, and have enjoyed supermajorities for the last two years.  And, even after ramming through the pork-laden stimulus bill, ramming through the onerous healthcare reform law, and ramming through the financial regulation reforms, they don’t think they did enough.

Abrams then ticks off a steady stream of other “accomplishments” that this Congress can lay claim to, each of which is viewed as even more federal intrusion into personal, private or local concerns by the center-right majority that owns this country. We don’t want a massive federal government controlling every aspect of our lives. It ain’t hard to figure out.

The only thing we can be thankful for regarding this Congress is that the left ran out of political steam before ramming through an amnesty law, cap and trade and card check.  Thank God, indeed.

Abrams’ incredulousness over the fact that it’s what they did do that has the voters riled is good for a chuckle.  In his elite little world, the unsophisticated, unnuanced peasants should be thanking them.

Instead, the peasants are revolting!


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