Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secretariat Salazarovich issues new rules for offshore drilling

Breaking today:  Komrade Interior Secretariat Salazarovich has issued new rules that supposedly “strengthen safety standards” for offshore drilling.  Via

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has announced new rules requiring that offshore drilling rigs certify that they have working blowout preventers and standards for cementing wells.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said today that the new rules will improve safety and reduce the chance of catastrophic blowouts such as the massive BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He said the rules also should improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of human error.

Salazar has said new rules must be in place before the Interior Department lifts a ban on deepwater drilling. The ban is set to expire Nov. 30, but officials have said they hope to end it early.

bp-ken-salazar-2008-12-17-1-33-12 Clap, clap, clap!  Bravo, Secretariat Salazarovich!

WTF took you so long?

There is absolutely nothing in the proposed new rules that could not have been implemented on a rig-by-rig, case-by-case basis between the May 27 imposition of the Deepwater Drilling Moratorium and today’s announcement.

The White House could easily have allowed the safest, best equipped rigs keep working while older, less well equipped rigs were inspected and retrofitted as necessary.  There was never a need to shut off the flow of oil and gas from the Gulf of Mexico, threaten tens of thousands of jobs and cost the nation billions in economic output.

The moratorium has never been about safety, or science.  It’s about politics and ideology.  Though the moratorium is set to expire November 30, who really thinks the regime is going to let all those greedy oil companies get back out there and start punching more holes in Gaia’s skin?

This is America under Obama.  We can’t have companies making money, providing jobs, and maintaining the country’s independence…


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