Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Obama’s mosque position nationalizes the mid-term elections

With his ill-advised and blindingly stupid statement in support of the Cordoba Project last Friday night, President Obama did something that the leadership of the Republican party has been struggling to do since the passage of the healthcare colossus. 

He nationalized a midterm election.

What’s interesting is that the issue presents no options for government to intervene and resolve.  The First Amendment’s establishment and expression clauses are quite clear—there is nothing the government or an agency could do to halt the project, except on minor non-federal regulatory grounds (you can’t build a structurally unsafe mosque or fail to conform to local zoning regulations just because you want to build a religious structure).  So there was no reason for Obama to say a word.  He can’t do anything to stop it, and he can’t do anything to promote or sort it.  He should have never uttered a word.  He did, anyway.

It’s worth noting that on every major current affairs issue we’ve had cross our recent news feeds, TV screens and local paper, the President has chosen to side against sizable majorities of the American people.

Healthcare reform was opposed by at least a plurality in some polls and outright majorities in others.  Yet, it was Obama’s “signature policy” issue, and he ignored public opinion to ram it through.

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill led Obama to institute a draconian moratorium against all deepwater drilling in US waters, despite absolute majorities of Americans being against it.

When Arizona passed legislation enabling the state’s police agencies to enforce Federal immigration law, Obama ignored a two-thirds majority favoring the law and sued Arizona to stop the law from going into effect.

But none of these issues by themselves had the ability to transform a traditionally locally-oriented midterm election into a galvanizing national election like 1994.

Until, for the fourth time, Obama ignored the will of absolute majorities of American voters and voiced his complete support for the Cordoba Project.  It appears to have become the proverbial straw on the proverbial camel. 

Americans are a patient, trusting and optimistic bunch.  But even the most naive voter sees a President who just doesn’t seem to give a flying damn what Americans think.  You can stick your thumb in the eye of a patient electorate so many times.  This was one time too many.

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