Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dr. Laura is right, but the sh_t storm is still coming

Uh oh.

Dr. Laura drops the n-word repeatedly in a tirade aimed at a black female caller attention whore.

That clinking sound you hear when Dr. Laura Schlessinger walks around? That's her two brass balls clanging around.  She's absolutely right, and she's doing exactly what conservatives need to do when someone is trying to NAACP them.

Nonetheless, you can expect the righteous indignation to begin just any moment now.

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Anonymous said...

I encourage all white people to go call a 20 years old black women or man a n---!You got the right to say it but I bet you can't back it up.

Smith and Wesson said...

I'm white. I'd never call someone any derogatory name. But if someone wanted to get violent, I'd take care of that real quick.

GCBF is right. Dr. Laura didn't call anyone anything. She just didn't let a troll caller NAACP her.

The woman who called is a classic attention whore. She's black, but married white, and feigns indignation when someone makes a joke.

David L. said...

Congratulations, "anonymous," for setting off this blog's patented Dumbass Detector.

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