Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheaper than a Volt, and gets better mileage too!

The MSRP on the Government Motors' new Chevy Volt is a beefy $41,000.  And if you act now, you can pay an unscrupulous Government Motors car dealer an extra $20,000 make that 40-mile trip home in your rolling death trap before the battery dies.

But fear not, green-conscious consumer.  Worry not your eco-sensitive little heart.  For a mere $5,500.00 you can be the proud owner of a brand new Pterosail!

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi - The Pterosail, a new type of "green" vehicle that combines cycling and sailing, is moving through the Gulf Coast area for the next few days.

The Pterosail is taking a cross-country voyage. It started in San Diego June 28 and is expected to end the journey August 11 in St. Augustine, Florida.

The Pterosail sells for about $5,500. You can see more information at the company website:

Take that, Chevy Volt!  You get 40 miles to one battery charge?  This little bad boy gets 2,000+ miles and it's solar powered too! (no kidding, by all means, go visit the website).

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