Friday, July 9, 2010

Sarah Palin would have sold out the Folly Theater

In one for the "snicker file,"  Hotline On Call reports that Robin Carnahan had to slash prices to like, below dealer invoice levels in order to fill up the Folly Theater in Kansas City:

Pres. Obama is the best fundraiser the Dem Party has, but his drawing power is way down from its peak during the '08 campaign.

Obama is heading to MO and NV today to raise money for Sec/State Robin Carnahan (D), running for an open Senate seat, and Senate Maj. Leader Harry Reid.

But Carnahan's campaign wasn't able to completely sell out the Folly Theater, where Obama will appear for a grassroots event on Carnahan's behalf, at the prices they wanted. Tickets once priced at $250 are now going for $99, while $35 tickets are half off.

The Folly  Theater seats 1,078, so you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to get a sellout.  After all, it's the POTUS, right?

Alas, the President's rock star status seems to have dimmed somewhat.

I bet there's one rock star who could have sold that sucker out.  Last May, in Wichita, Sarah Palin spoke to almost three times as many people at a fundraiser for an elementary school.  Obama can't get a measly 1,000 to show up at a fundraiser for a candidate for the US Senate, but Mama Grizzly can get three  thousand butts in the seats for a school charity?


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rikdergis said...

"the President's rock star status seems to have dimmed" -Indeed.

I think Howdy Doody could have filled that theater. Had the Alaskan Huntress been headlining, tickets would have gone faster than a free Jimmy Buffet concert.

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