Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obama--Doomed one termer?

Ace has an interesting post today on Dick Morris' column, in which the former Clinton adviser turned conservative political strategist urges Republicans to all but hang the impending double dip around Obama's neck.

This portion of his post sticks out:

Clinton: I should say I think Clinton greatly improved liberalism's image, or at least a centrist type of liberalism.

His successor should have won easily in 2000, except that the nation got a little sick of his drama and dishonesty, and his successor seemed to be just as corrupt but without the roguish charm.

But what Clinton built up, Obama is diligently tearing down.

Ironically, it was Dick Morris who, after the crushing defeat of the Glorious Revolution of 1994, convinced Bill Clinton of the benefits of "triangulation," which was Morris' fancy word for a shift to the center.  The Clinton administration had suffered another humiliating defeat when HilaryCare was unceremoniously yanked from the House floor in defeat earlier in the year.  The administration was also beset by allegations of corruption over TravelGate and other little scandals indicating its overall scumminess.

Clinton is still a man admired even in conservative circles for his political instincts.  I haven't seen anyone praising Obama for his political instincts, especially since he's never developed a reputation as a "comeback kid."  Clinton used his political instincts and a broad range of political advisers to find ways of giving the Republicans in Congress a few political bones to gnaw.  Clinton didn't really improve liberalism until he left some of its tenets behind in his triangulation move.  As a result, he became the first two-term Democrat President since the Kennedy-Johnson years.

Obama shows none of the skills Clinton displayed.  Which means that if Republicans are able to pull off 1994 The Sequel, it's far more likely that Obama is doomed to be a one-termer.  A GOP majority in either House of Congress means his radical agenda is finished for this term. As Ace points out, he's shown no ability at all to produce accomplishments that a broad majority of the electorate credit him with enough to warrant voting for him again.  He's strictly partisan and he seems as stubborn as he is radical.

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