Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tens of hypocrites protest offshore drilling in Mobile's Battleship Park

Comical. I drove down just to get a few photos, only to find my cheap digital camera wouldn't write images to the flashcard. Oh well.

There was a Mobile Press-Register reporter on site, though. Here's the recap of the event:

In Mobile, about 40 people participated in the 15-minute peaceful protest. Sherri Wilson of Daphne said that the oil spill is a "tragedy of epic proportions that the Gulf may never recover from."

"It's important to let people know that we care about the environment, and offshore drilling is not something that I, now or ever, supported," she said.

After 15 minutes in the sweltering heat, the attendees headed back to their cars, shouting, "Air conditioning," and "Ooh, that was warm."

Two of the protesters climbed into a black Lexus sport utility vehicle -- left on and idling all 15 minutes -- and drove away.

Perhaps that shiny Lexus SUV then sped the pair off to Brookley Field to board a private jet and fly to the Cali Coast, where they could joint former Vice President Al Gore for a fundraising gala.

This is fairly typical for the wacko environmentalist community on the Gulf Coast. These types of events happen with surprising regularity. The usual MO is to organize a protest of some type or stage some cockamamie event--like the one that took place yesterday--and call the local media to make sure a reporter and photographer show up. At the appointed time and place, a "smaller than expected" group of well-dressed, well-heeled and well-transported "activists" pile out of their SUV's and make a great show of things for a few minutes. They then make a statement or two to the gaggle of media, get back in their SUV's and head down to Dauphin Street for a cocktail or three.

Idiots and hypocrites. Thankfully, no one with any sense takes them seriously.

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