Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shocker: BP's Response Plan Flawed!


Professor Peter Lutz is listed in BP's 2009 response plan for a Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a national wildlife expert. He died in 2005.

Under the heading "sensitive biological resources," the plan lists marine mammals including walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals. None lives anywhere near the Gulf

BP PLC's 582-page regional spill plan for the Gulf, and its 52-page, site-specific plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig are riddled with omissions and glaring errors, according to an Associated Press analysis that details how BP officials have pretty much been making it up as they go along.

The AP analysis of the response plans is scathing and damning. Go read the story at the link, if you've the stomach for it.

Given the tragically comic collection of "engineering" solutions the company has attempted over the last seven weeks, including top hats, top kills, junk shots and such, the fact that BP's planning documents were fatally flawed is no great surprise at all. No, the real shocker is that the government approved these documents last year.

Expert dead for four years?  No problem.  No adverse impacts to marine life such as turtles, birds and mammals?  No problem.  What's that?  Those critters don't even live in this part of the world?  No problemo, dude!  Pass the joint and party on!

Extra Point: Both BP and MMS mouthpieces said something to the effect that these issues are being "investigated." What's the likelihood that, when Mr. Holder announces the results of a criminal probe, BP executives are indicted, while MMS employees walk?


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