Thursday, June 24, 2010 Judge Martin Feldman is "fair, terrifying."

 Judge Martin Feldman, the judge who schooled the Obama regime on the rule of law and handed down a harsh, scathing ruling on Tuesday is profiled today on  The profile describes a jurist who is stern, uncontroversial, fair and at times...  "terrifying."

The judge who blocked the Obama administration's moratorium on deep-water oil drilling has a reputation as a stern jurist, but until now he has sparked little controversy during his 27-year judicial career.

With a reversal record since 2000 that is the second-lowest among the judges of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Martin Feldman has navigated his position without much drama. Within the New Orleans legal community, the 1983 Reagan appointee has a reputation for demanding exactness and little tolerance for missteps from the attorneys who appear in his court.

"He can be terrifying," said a New Orleans attorney who didn't want to be identified because the judge has presided over some of his cases.

Since 2000, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed Feldman 10 times, affirmed 107 out of 159 of his decisions and dismissed 24 appeals.

According to one of the attorneys quoted in the article, you don't go into his courtroom unprepared, which is almost certainly what Eric Holder's DOJ lawyers did earlier this week.

The Obama regime--from the head man down to the least litigator in the DOJ--is a bunch that is swimming in a sea of their own arrogance.  They don't believe there are any checks on their power, and they clearly underestimated the 27-year veteran jurist.

Earlier today, Judge Feldman dealt the regime another blow--denying their petition to stay his injunction pending appeal.  This clears the way for Andarko, Noble, Shell and others to re-mobilize their equipment and resume drilling.  No one has yet announced plans to do so, but with the Government now facing a less than likely chance that Feldman's decision will be overturned, they're probably warming up the engines, stocking the galley with provisions, and putting the crews on standby.

Drill baby, drill!

UPDATE: Judge Feldman is now receiving death threats, and, according to the Bayou Buzz, the attacks on his impartiality are entirely baseless slander:

If Feldman held financial interests in any of companies involved in the lawsuit or the Deepwater Horizon rig, he would not have been allowed the take the case. The 5th District Court uses a sophisticated computer system to check whether judges have a conflict of interest in any legal proceeding. This system automatically determines whether a judge needs to be recused from a particular case. In this lawsuit, Feldman was allowed to take the case because he did not own any stock related to the parties involved.

It's been a real tough day for the Büro des Zentralkomitee.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. This might come as a shock to the boy king.


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