Friday, May 14, 2010

Freedom Boards Across America

Via Hot Air:

Extra Point: This could be coming to a roadway near you.


Anonymous said...

And just WHO IS behind these billboards? The company with the billboards has paid hundreds of dollars to block out any way to find out who paid for the designs. The website is privacy protected. The IP address is secret. All this costs money to do. These designs costs thousands of dollars to lay out and make, even a simple lettered billboard, and this groups has dozens of designs the company will GIVE YOU. You must pay only to display the sign in an agreement with the outdoor advertising companies who are totally separate from the organization giving out the billboards.

Isn't anyone curious WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS?!!? Is it Wall Street bankers afraid of the crack down on their bad asses?

Is it BP and BIG OIL? Maybe they want the Republicans in office -- folks that will apologize for making them clean up the mess they made.

This is how the Nazi Party came into power in pre-war Germany. The Hitler Youth Movement developed just this way. They took fake names, went underground, handed out pamphlets without any direct endorsement.

This IS NOT the way we do politics in this country. You show your face when issues are discussed. We talk about facts and options. We don't play on the racism and hatred of some people. We don't just say, "NO!" to everything and slander other people.


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