Sunday, April 11, 2010

Palin plays Obama

Sarah Palin played Barack Obama like a $10 flute.

On Monday, April 05, 2010, President Obama released his new Nuclear Posture Review, which Charles Krauthammer politely calls "morally bizarre and strategically loopy."

Knowing that she was going to speak at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Friday, April 09, 2010, Ms. Palin had this to say on Wednesday, April 07, 2010, regarding the President's new policy and the new START treaty with Russia:

"It's unbelievable. Unbelievable. It's kinda like getting out there on a playground, a bunch of kids, getting ready to fight, and one of the kids saying, 'Go ahead, punch me in the face and I'm not going to retaliate. Go ahead and do what you want to with me.' "

Teh One, right on cue, had this to say in response, on Thursday, April 08, 2010:

“I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues.”

And on Friday, April 09, 2010, Ms. Palin gave her remarks to a cheering crowd at the SRLC:

"And President Obama, with all that vast nuclear expertise he acquired as a community organizer, a part-time senator, and a candidate for president, has accomplished nothing to date with Iran or North Korea!"

Heh. Brilliantly Played.

via Gateway Pundit, it looks like Mr. Obama's policy is not quite the final word he thought he said it was, or something.  All bets that were on could be off again, kind of like how the time for talking about how the time for talking being over, is like, well...  over and stuff.

Palin: 1
Obama: 0


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