Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm White, I'm Christian, I'm Conservative, and I'm Angry

But to the chagrin of the perpetually angry left, I am not violent.  I don't squeeze the trigger unless I'm aiming downrange at a target, or my life or property is in imminent danger.  I don't stuff trucks full of fertilizer and fuel and park them in front of day care centers.  I know that Mr. Clinton finds this very hard to believe.

But you are not going to project your psychological problems on me.  Just because you react to socio-political changes you dislike with vitriol and violence does not mean that I do.  Just because it's part of your mental makeup to harbor and express hatred towards those you disagree with does not mean that I will.  

Bombs, guns and molotov cocktails are the weapons of choice by the left, not the right, in this country.

I am white, but that doesn't matter because as an American, I welcome my brothers of African, Hispanic and Asian descent.  I am Christian, but that doesn't matter because I welcome my sisters of the Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist faith.  I also welcome atheists and agnostics, so long as they believe in liberty.  I'm Conservative, but I welcome the moderates and independents who are tired of seeing the fruits of their labor confiscated by liberal tyrants who set their eyes on their next meal before they've even digested the last one.  We are brothers and sisters in arms, but our arms are linked and we're all marching to use the weapon you fear the most:

The ballot.

Extra Point: "Give me that damned gavel."


rikdergis said...

Good post! You've stated what many of us have been thinking.
Lt Col Allen West is a true conservative and he makes me proud to be an American.

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