Welcome to I Bleed Crimson Red, a blog created to share news, commentary and the occasional snark on college sports, politics, and life on the Gulf Coast. We throw in the occasional snark, fark and satire to keep you honest!

Politics has always been a passion in this part of the world.  It has given us colorful characters like Huey Long, demagogues like George Wallace and corruptocrats like Don Siegelman, Richard Scrushy and Edwin Edwards.

College football is religion, here.  When you are born, you are made to declare your allegiance to a college football program and you may never convert.  Such apostasy is punishable by severe ridicule and scorn.  We have three seasons in this part of the world:  Winter, Summer and Football.  Elections are biannual disruptions in the signal-to-noise ratio.  Kind of like the way sunspots interfere with the Saturday afternoon radio broadcast of The Game.

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There are currently five contributors:
  • Blog founder and chief bottle washer, GulfCoastBamaFan  
  • LivingCrimson, the snarky, farky, insightful one
  • GMAN-1104, who provides occasional legal insight on both the political and sports topics covered here
  • IBCR News, who scours the internet for topical and timely news content to share with readers on a rapid fire basis.
  • KrAzy3, who provides unique points of view on political and sports current events

Our credibility is the lifeblood of this blog. If it appears on the main page of this site, you can take the information to the bank as the best, most accurate available.

We are always entertaining offers from other bloggers.  If you're interested in contributing, please send a sample of your writing (or a link to it) to the address above.  You should have a center-right political philosophy, be as passionate about your politics as you are about football, and have a sense of humor.

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