Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Oklahoman: College football rankings: Auburn is No. 1? Oh, my...

Hmm... I'm all for having championships decided on the field. But this is a bridge too far.

"I don't know yet how Oregon or Texas A&M will fare. But there's reason to believe both are quality competition. Auburn beat them both, and neither on the plains of southern Alabama.

Auburn is No. 1. That's abundantly clear. The Tigers have done more than any other team in college football so far.

Maybe that won't hold. Probably that won't hold. But polls that refuse to acknowledge what has happened are as silly as a computer ranking that measures first downs."

This is like shouting that the 800m runner with the outside track in a qualifying heat is in the lead! ... one second after the starting gun. Everyone will have to do the full distance before the finalists are selected.

This is why the BCS and college football playoffs have never started releasing rankings until well into the season. The 2019 rankings for the CFP  won't be released until November 5.

Nonetheless, this column from the Oklahoman is surely gonna get some bandwidth on da innerwebs and lots of time on the Paul Finebaum show.


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