Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brett Favre: Dain Bramage or shrewd move?

The Mississippi primary runoff election is a mere five days away. Long-tooth long-term US Senator Thad Cochran is in the political fight of his life against challenger and TEA Party favorite Chris McDaniel.

Enter the US Chamber of Commerce with this ad, featuring hometown son Brett Favre, who wants Mississippians to return the old guy back for what will surely be his final tour.

Oh, goody. Another topic that blends my two most passionate issues.

Why should Favre’s endorsement mean squat in a primary race won by the challenger (but without the majority required to avoid a runoff)?

Well, because Brett Favre is from lovely Kiln, MS. It’s part of a three-county stretch between the state lines of Alabama and Louisiana. Thanks to the shipbuilding and casino industries in this stretch, the area is the second-most populous urban area in the state. It’s also solidly red, meaning that attention levels will be high in the area over the next several days.

To put it mildly, Favre is a homeboy. He enjoys tremendous popularity in the region and is treated like a rock star wherever he goes. The dude has clout.

The question is simple: Is Favre dain bramaged, or is this a shrewd and calculated move by the donor wing of the GOP to get their guy over the finish line by using a populous region’s most celebrated athlete to do a full-throated endorsement?

Granted, I believe that Cochran should have retired already. He’s uhh… getting on up there and McDaniel has shown political chops on the stump. Cochran refused to debate him and has a long record of establishmentarianism.

But y’know, getting such a beloved homeboy to speak up may turn out to be genius. The race is reportedly as tight as a drafting maneuver at Talladega. This one’s going to the finish line.

Forget about the jokes regarding Favre’s little sexting scandal. Forget about the irony of having a QB who didn’t know when to hang up the cleats endorsing a Senator who, frankly, doesn’t seem to know when to hang it up.

This little thing might produce enough votes in Jackson, Harrison and Hancock Counties to push Cochran over the goal line.

Or, it might be too little, too late and Cochran is forced into doing something Favre just couldn’t bring himself to do.

We’ll see Tuesday night.


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