Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Six Pack: July 29, 2013 and 33 days until kickass love Mondays. Don’t you? Oh, well at least we start the week off right, right? Six college football stories from around the country.

Mosley leads experienced group

The Alabama football team's national titles won the last two years used defense as the cornerstone with linebacker play at the core. That should be no different this season.

Questions abound on the Plains

The most question marks on the Auburn defense heading into 2013 come at the linebacker position.

College football's most intriguing coaches

Urban Meyer is trying to hold Ohio State together while Nick Saban hunts for a third straight title at 'Bama.

South Alabama's McCarthy says no word yet from NCAA concerning Woodson's immediate eligibility

Former Alabama wide receiver who transferred to South Alabama hopes to be eligible to play without sitting out a season.

Ricky Williams eager to mold young minds as coach

Williams is set to coach running backs at San Antonio's University of the Incarnate Word.


The fact is, pictures like these make a statement, but what kind of statement is the question. The immediate assumption from haters is that they’re flashing the cash given to them by boosters for going to the school that you hate. But the area in-between a photo and the facts is as gray as can be.

Where the disconnect comes is when adults who live and breathe college athletics make assumptions, draw conclusions, and just in general live and die on the actions of 18-year-old kids. For instance, a forty-something year old white man in upper suburbia with a working knowledge of the light-speed impact of information on the internet has no idea what’s on the mind of a young African-American kid just wanting to show the boys back home he’s living it up, Instagram style. That’s an oversimplification, obviously, but in Dee’s mind, his Instagram wouldn’t reach much more than the boys and girls back home.

Little did he know it has most likely reached Nick Saban himself, along with the rest of the internet. Which is why we probably won’t see any pics from “Day 2.”

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