Thursday, May 2, 2013

Morning Six Pack: May 2, 2013

Whet your whistle with six cool, clear and fresh college football stories, with an SEC flavor.

What to watch for during the SEC Network announcement today

Today, Mike Slive will arguably hold the most important announcement of his outstanding career regarding the new SEC Network in Atlanta.

Coastal Alabam Recruiting Update: What's making QB Matthew Jordan so attractive to recruiters?

The 6-foot-1, 205-pound rising senior could also end up playing defensive back or receiver in college, but he wants a shot at playing quarterback. What has made him such a solid prospect?

Inside the Reuben Foster you thought you knew

Football is a man’s game played by boys. Sometimes we forget that the players we cheer for on Saturday are kids.

Depth chart players on radar

So now that Auburn’s made their post-spring depth chart as official as official gets – other than Joshua Holsey as the No. 1 boundary safety, nothing else is particularly shocking – we wait to see what it all means.

Judges keep O'Bannon case reports, may allow depositions

College administrators who said they may have to drop from Division I may be questioned.


The Constitution. Jazz. The IROC-Z Camaro. American exceptionalism comes in many forms, and if you've ever thought that aristocratic snootiness belongs on the list of things that make this country great, then congratulations! Amateurism is right up your alley. As the Drake report reminds us, no-pay-for-play is a distinctly British idea, rooted in Victorian Era divisions between the rich and everyone else, an inherently snobbish, un-egalitarian concept that was copied from English universities and prep schools:

… British students took sport very seriously, but the amateur's casualness and dislike for professional drill were very much in evidence among athletes. [They] took great pains to distance themselves from the highly trained professional, the latter being viewed as "a mere segment of a man"at the center of this ideal was the belief that leisure activities are qualitatively superior to those associated with making a living or whose motive is material gain. The aristocrat had time to appreciate activities like literature, science, and sports merely for the love of it …

According to ABC News, Americans work longer days, take less vacation and retire later than anyone else in the industrialized world. In a poll, 70 percent of us believe we can get anything we want in this country through sheer hard work. We are not a nation of casual amateurs. We are a nation of strivers, and we expect to be rewarded for our efforts accordingly. Why hold college athletes to a different standard?

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