Monday, January 7, 2013

Notre Dame football: I has a crayon

Notre Dame football: SEC more myth than monster
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Can't resist posing the question: Is the SEC a fraud? Before everyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line chokes on their sweet tea, consider the recent bowl disasters by some of its kingpins: LSU (a one-point loser to Clemson), Georgia (a shoot-out winner over a Nebraska team that got a 70 hung on it by Wisconsin), Florida (a big loser against a really average Louisville team) and South Carolina (Michigan lost that game, the Gamecocks didn't win it).

It took the new guy on the block, Texas A&M, to get the only convincing victory. The Southeastern Conference has been more myth than monster during college football's bowl season. 

That brings us to Alabama, Notre Dame's BCS National Championship Game opponent Monday night. The Big Ten's shortcomings in 2012 were obvious and well-documented.While the bad boys from Ohio State and Penn State didn't count, the rest of the Legends and Leaders were Lethargic and Lacking. It just wasn't a good year, and everyone knew it. But the SEC, like each of the last six or so years, has been the premiere place to play football. For a while this season, reputation carried the collection of Southern franchises. Come December and January, the league was exposed.Taking the uncovered vulnerabilities into consideration, how good -- really -- is Alabama?
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