Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aussie newspaper gives Jesse Williams props for BCS Championship

Brisbane's Jesse Williams rapt after Alabama wins BCS National Championship
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A first-half blitz saw Williams' Alabama run away with the BCS National Championship against Notre Dame, romping to a 28-0 half-time lead before running out a 42-14 win to wrap up their second consecutive title.

Williams, from Brisbane, was involved in a number of key plays, and despite being predominantly a defensive player, was right there hammering out a hole for a TJ Yeldon touchdown in the second quarter.
It was clearly Alabama's night when, while leading 7-0 in the first quarter, punt returner Christion Jones caught the ball, was hit by a teammate and fumbled it, only to have officials rule that he was hit by a Notre Dame player.

"We tried to go out there and set a tempo for ourselves, whether we started on offense or defense," Williams said.
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Greg Hammond said...

Must not have watched the game. So sick of ND fans and the press whining or mis-reporting about that punt return penalty call. Musberger originally called it "horrendous," until the officiating executive in the booth with him pointed out it was a good call because of the interference that ND defender imposed. Musberger then referred to it as a "good call."

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