Wednesday, December 19, 2012

McElroy wins again, Tebow cries again

Tim Tebow's career as NFL quarterback could be nearing its end
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Now, as the New York Jets bypass Tebow and supplant an insufficient Mark Sanchez with Greg McElroy, Tebow is likely left to revert to a line he has repeatedly recited for the past decade: "I don't know what my future holds, but I know who holds my future." And for those wondering, he isn't talking about Rex Ryan.


Let's start with some facts:

A source close to Tebow said the Jets' decision to bypass him is "still too fresh," and will necessitate digestion and contemplation before he makes his next move. Asking for his release or asking for a trade are two potential options that would help him accomplish the very strategy he employed after his freshman year of high school.

It is "highly unlikely," according to another source close to Tebow, that he will sit idle beyond this season in the wake of the team's decision to go with McElroy. Then again, the Jets could keep that from mattering and choose to cut him on their own.
Via NFL Network.

No one will dispute that Tim Tebow is a great man and a great competitor. He is an outstanding role model and a young man that anyone would want to have courting his daughter. His will to compete and never give up his dreams have taken him to levels that ordinary men would never reach. What he is not is an NFL quarterback.

Unfortunately for the Jets, neither is Mark Sanchez. Monday night's loss to the Tennessee Titans ended the Jets' playoff hopes and probably ended Rex Ryan's tenure as the head coach. In a too little, too late move, Ryan will likely start Greg McElroy for the final two games. McElroy, the third stringer drafted in the 7th round from Alabama, is the best QB on that team.

McElroy hasn't been activated since he led the team on a 10-play, 69 yard drive to beat the Rams in week 13.

The only thing left to play for now is to avoid a losing season.

When McElroy and Tebow were in college, they faced each other in the 2009 SEC Championship Game. Alabama won that in a rout, 32-13, and Tebow was famously seen crying on the sidelines as the inevitability of the game's outcome sank in.

Here we are three years later. McElroy isn't winning anything other than the starting QB job in a futile end to a futile season. But there goes role model and great guy Tebow, crying again and looking for a way out.


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