Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Les Miles: Chick-Fil-A Bowl better than some BCS bowls

LSU Coach Les Miles said Chick-fil-A Bowl with Clemson better than some BCS bowl games
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College football's most quotable coach delivers another gem. Speaking to the media in advance of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, Les miles says that his upcoming matchup against Clemson is better than some of the BCS games.

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Maybe he has a point. The Rose Bowl has a Bret Bielema-free matchup against Stanford on Jan 1. The Orange Bowl pits the fighting Jimbos against Northern Illinois who lost coach Dave Doeren to NC State. The Sugar has Florida taking on Charlie Strong's Louisville in one of the most intriguing matches in the BCS, and the Fiesta has Kansas State vs. Oregon.

Maybe LSU against the fighting Dabos of Clemson is a better matchup than Florida State vs. a directional BCS buster or K State vs. Oregon in a marriage of BCS Championship has beens.

Exit Question: What is Miles' "Chicken Issue" that he wants kept on the down low?


Grey Thompson said...

Clemson is the only non-SEC school that always schedules SEC teams, at least two a year, now three in 2012 with LSU.

We can't force other teams to play SEC teams in the regular season, now we can't even do it in the bowls?
But then they complain all year when same-loss SEC teams are ranked higher.
Notre Dame is at least being forced to play Alabama by having an undefeated season, but give credit to Clemson for being the only team with the balls to schedule two SEC teams every year (let alone one). They don't get enough credit for that.

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