Saturday, November 17, 2012

Morning Six Pack: November 17, 2012

It’s Gameday again, y’all. That means the whole drinking before noon thing is out. Enjoy these six college football stories from around the country.

Air Force into bowl after running over Hawaii

Wes Cobb scored twice on short runs and Cody Getz rushed for 125 yards as Air Force beat Hawaii 21-7 on Friday night to become bowl eligible.

Auburn president will review situation at season's end

Following Friday morning's meeting of the Auburn University board of trustees, president Jay Gogue answered questions about the school's beleaguered football program.

Ebner appreciates productive senior season after injury-filled years

When Missouri linebacker Will Ebner is introduced during Saturday's pregame senior day ceremony, Tommy and Elaine Ebner will hug their youngest son at midfield and wipe away the obligatory tears that come on such a day. But when asked last week, Tommy struggled to predict what he'd be thinking.

The Florida Gators’ Issues With Undermatched Opponents Lately

  The Florida Gators have been one of the great success stories in college football this season. But recently, that success has become clouded by the fact that the Gators have been having problems finishing games against opponents they shouldn’t be having those problems with.

The Quad: College Football Matchups

It is a virtual bye week in the Southeastern Conference, but the west has some marquee showdowns.


So if the decision has been made -- and we believe it has -- is this the time to look forward or look back? Let's try to answer the two main questions that have ensnared the once-proud program in a cloud of apathetic melancholy so thick it has made fall Saturdays a good day for blowing leaves, cutting the grass or about anything besides watching the Vols.

How did it get this bad? The reasons are numerous. Defections by players and staff. Losses snatched from the jaws of victory. Trouble off the field. Take your pick. Mainly, though, the culprit is momentum. Momentum -- good or bad -- is powerful, and these Vols are riding a world-bending trip of bad momentum.

Whom do we blame? There's the money ball, right? Wow. Putting it out there on who gets the blame, well, there are a multitude of mistakes and major bad decisions that have snowballed into this. And this is dreadful: UT is 1-13 in its last 14 SEC games, and the one win was in overtime at home against Vandy that set off an over-the-top locker-room celebration that serves as the high-water point and possibly the low-water point of the Dooley era. The Vols are a four-point underdog to Vandy, for crying out loud, so no one person can carry the entire weight of this landslide.

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