Monday, November 19, 2012

Miami self-imposes second straight bowl ban

Miami self-imposes second straight bowl ban
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Miami is self-imposing a postseason ban for the second straight year in response to a lengthy and ongoing NCAA investigation into the school's compliance practices. 

Miami's decision effectively ends the ACC's Coastal Division race; Georgia Tech will play Florida State for the ACC crown and an Orange Bowl berth. 
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If you are Al Golden, how much longer do you stick around, waiting for the NCAA to lower the boom and impose crippling sanctions that prevent you from being competitive for the better part of a decade?

There are big coaching jobs opening in the SEC, at programs that are already stocked with talent and with pockets much deeper than those in Coral Gables. Oh, and those programs have state of the art facilities and fanbases that actually show up for football games. It helps when the school has a stadium right there on campus.


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