Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Les Miles apologizes ... but why?

LSU Coach Les Miles apologizes for language in Saturday's press conference
Published on The Times-Picayune - | shared via feedly
LSU Coach Les Miles opened his weekly "Lunch with Les" press conference Monday by apologizing for coarse language he used in Saturday's press conference following the Tigers' 41-35 victory over Ole Miss. "I first would like to ask your indulgence for my choice of language Saturday night after the game," Miles said. "I thought it was impertinent and poor. It's not something that I want to repeat."
 "Just so you know I'm proud of those men, how frickin' easy it would have been to say it's their (Ole Miss') night," Miles said Saturday after the Tigers' emotional win. He followed that with a repeat of "how (frickin') easy" except that he used the obscenity for which "frickin'" is often substituted. He followed that utterance with "excuse my language."

"The opportunity for me to talk about my senior class and let them know their contribution is greatly respected and that in no way can an article written by somebody that operates outside our building have any real effect or any legitimacy in terms of an opinion," Miles said. "I took a broad stroke there and kind of spoke to that."

Coaches are known to be salty on the sidelines. They're also prone to outbursts in postgame press conferences, especially after an emotional win in the last home game of the season.

Yeah, Miles' language in the presser was a little overboard, but it's Les Miles. Why should he apologize for being who we thought he was?

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