Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fans campaigning to bring a state flag to the Iron Bowl


Some Alabama fans have started an interesting campaign—they want the University of Alabama to lay claim to the Alabama state flag, and they want you to support the movement by bringing the banner to Saturday’s Iron Bowl game in Tuscaloosa.

Here’s the link.

As my friend Champ Allen on TiderInsider.com writes:

“I like it. We're one of the few state schools that really don't embrace being the "state" team. LSU has it's state flag on their helmets. USCe uses the palmetto tree logo. Ole Miss has a state map decal on their helmets. Tennessee runs out behind their state flag. Would be pretty cool if we had either the state flag or the state map decal on the back of our helmets. I'd hoped that we would've done that following 4/27/11 but we didn't. At worst, it's a great marketing strategy…”

The campaign organizer describes the cause as “a movement that will hopefully result in us claiming our crimson and white State Flag as a larger part of the Bama fandom. Bring one with you to the game!”

I like it, too. Alabama is the flagship university in the state. Other schools in the state may chafe under the yoke of this fact but it doesn’t make it untrue. The colors of the school and the colors on the flag are identical and the flag could easily be displayed as a helmet decal.

The only problem I see with this is that the University diligently protects its trademarks, and incorporating imagery that can’t be trademarked might present problems the school doesn’t want to deal with.

But that doesn’t mean fans can’t show support for the state and the school on Saturday, so… bring a flag to the game.

(Bryant Denny does not allow flagpoles, though.)

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