Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Alabama team might be the best ever

image If the Alabama Crimson Tide were an ancient conquering empire, they would have been the most feared force in the world. When they invaded your territory, they would have killed all the men, thrown the babies from the walls, enslaved all of the women and salted the fields. They would then have complained about how imperfect their conquest was, pointing to needless mistakes and missed opportunities.

Such is life on the brutal college football landscape.

"We had way too many penalties today.

"That's something that will kill you in a close game, cost us some field position. There's a lot of things we need to clean up,” said head coach Ghengis Khan Nick Saban.

“I yelled more at the second team than I did at the first team,” he said. “We practice all that stuff, and they don’t go out there and do it right in the game. You’re one play from playing, and we gotta count on you. Can we count on you? If you have no other motivation in the world, your motivation should be, ‘I don’t wanna be the guy that screws up.”

“It was a stupid penalty,” Sunseri said. “We gotta be mature, and I wasn’t mature on that play. Definitely gotta make better decisions.”

Alabama entered a weakly defended city formerly known as Fayetteville, Arkansas and laid waste to a pretty good football team. They forced five turnovers and converted all of them into touchdowns.

They were ruthlessly efficient in the redzone and absolutely merciless on defense. Even had Tyler Wilson played, the Razorbacks probably wouldn’t have mustered more than the 137 yards of total offense.

The 2009 team was fearsome. The 2011 team was ferocious.

This team might be better than either, and Alabama might be on its way to hoisting it’s third crystal football in four years.

What is best in life?

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

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adam cochran said...

This may be the most talented Alabama team ever, but not the best. We have 15 penalties for 139 yards through 3 games so far this season. Last years team only had 7 penalties for 64 yards in the first 3 games.

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