Thursday, September 27, 2012

Police officer who ticketed Dabo Swinney speaks out

Police officer who ticketed Dabo Swinney speaks out
Published on USATODAY NCAAF | shared via feedly
A former Pickens, S.C., police officer who ticketed Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney in a speeding case said that he was unjustly fired and that he told the police chief that he was going to post comments on the Internet.
Michael McClatchy, a corporal with the Pickens police until Sept. 17, told that the mayor of Pickens tried to contact him during the traffic stop, but that he refused to speak with him because he was in the middle of an investigation.
McClatchy said he posted his comments because he had seen several inaccurate accounts of the incident.
Link to the latest on this mini-scandal.

The officer allegedly posted his account on a 247Sports board. A local blog picked up the post and published a story based on it. Said post was later removed by the 247Sports moderators.

Short story: Swinney got nabbed with a traffic ticket and didn't like it. Officer issuing the ticket was dismissed from his post and believes he was targeted for ticketing the celebrity coach.


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