Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Morning Six Pack: September 25, 2012

http://lh6.ggpht.com/-bplRHS6qLtE/T_OHqP-CAtI/AAAAAAAADp4/YdD75tuAcHM/image_thumb%25255B2%25255D.png?imgmax=800Near beer and replacement refs. They both leave you asking… “WTF?” But not these six college football stories from around the country.

LSU's Miles looks for improvement in passing game

An anemic passing attack during LSU's first four games under first-year starter Zach Mettenberger has yet to discourage Les Miles.

Wisconsin's Bielema 'not overly concerned' Ball must sit

Wisconsin must prepare for a trip to Nebraska with Montee Ball's status up in the air.

Figuring value in the head-scratching world of college football

Many big earners - and one big spender - aren't pulling their weight this college football season.

Gundy won't rule out Lunt vs. Texas

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy believes injured quarterback Wes Lunt could return to practice by the end of this week, although he is still uncertain whether he'll be able to play Saturday night against No. 12 Texas.

John L Smith: Nice Guy, Not Right Fit for Arkansas

Someone needs to step in and do the right thing, whether that is University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long or John L Smith, himself; the time has come to end Smith’s tenure as head coach of the Hogs.


"I wanted to just see what the responses and the reaction was going to be from a team that had been in disarray, offensively and defensively."

"We're all disappointed in not winning. It wasn't a moral victory or anything. But there wasn't an Auburn person that wasn't proud of the effort on the field Saturday night. Defensively, I thought we played as hard as any football team I've seen at Auburn in a long time."

"The losing doesn't bother me as bad as just not playing hard like we should have been in some previous games. The defense might have been confused and young but it still didn't look like the Auburn teams of the past that were good defensive football teams. We did look like it Saturday night. It was one of the most amazing transitions I've seen. From where we were defensively (before Saturday) to where we were Saturday night, I don't think I've ever seen a team make that much change that fast."

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