Saturday, September 29, 2012

Alabama commands a premium

Check this out. While perusing the inventory of office equipment yesterday at a local warehouse store, an Alabama fan found this and snapped a pic.


You can get a comfortable, stylish and ergonomic task chair for $78.81.

But if you want to work from the best looking chair in the office, the price is $88.81.

As we noted in this space last March, some folks are quite sensitive when it comes to the inventory on display at local establishments. It looks like Sam’s has found a way to keep enough product moving to maintain a respectable presence.

Lower the price on the stuff people aren’t buying until they buy enough to justify keeping it in stock.

Note: Hit me up in the comments if you took this pic or you know who did. I’d like to give credit.

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tiderinsideher said...

I was in a Mobile area Wal-Mart after *burn's (paid for) NC but before Bama's latest NC. In the front of the store there is a big Alabama display with a few *burn things thrown in. I was walking by and overheard the Store Manager and a Vendor talking. The Store Manager was telling the Vendor that he didn't have a lot of *burn gear because it didn't sell as good as the Alabama gear.
Fambuleh support!

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