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UGA player posts rant on Facebook, gets blowback from UGA fan

Posted in its entirety. This is making the rounds on SEC fansites and message boards. Cornelius Washington is an outside linebacker and is expected to play a major role in the Georgia defensive scheme in 2012.

Washington was arrested last season for DUI, and posted this rant in the wake of Isaiah Crowell’s dismissal for a weapons violation.

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UPDATE: Link to “Bobby.”

Cornelius Washington's comments on facebook earlier re: Crowell's troubles and subsequent dismissal:

"'all(of you) think you know so much, but in reality you know nothing. You
don't know what we come from, you don't know our struggles, all you know
is the number on our jersies. 99% of you don't give a crap about us
outside of football. When we're doing well you're all in our faces, when
things get tough and we need encouragement you're nowhere to be found.
You're fake and I despise you for it. We shall band together guys, we've
been working hard and we only need each other. NONE of those outsiders
will contribute to our survival as a team or as individuals, you can
guarantee that.#stickclosetoeachother ~corn washington

Fan replies:

OK Mr.
Corn, I'll bite, what oppressive circumstance that none of us can
possibly understand are you referencing? Are you suggesting that none of
us come from families that struggled to make ends meet? Maybe none of
us were raised by a single parent? Perhaps some of us didn't eat grilled
cheese sandwiches, cheap hot dogs (with no bun), ramen noodles, or
fishsticks for dinner AS A TREAT because we came from an era of economic
recession that makes today's seem tame?

Let me tell you
something you shortsighted little moron, poor when I was a kid meant
something entirely different than it does now.. and we had it good
compared to our parents and grandparents who survived on hope, sunshine,
and tap water...

When I was a kid, I didn't have a video game
system, the TV in the LIVING ROOM was 19 inches of black & white
goodness and it got 4 channels; two of them without adjusting the rabbit
ears every few minutes, and one of those channels was PBS - so Sesame
Street & Mr. Rogers all freaking day. This TV was shared by 4
people, you dig? Hell, I woke up everyday wondering if Russia was going
to nuke our asses for no apparent reason or if I might spontaneously
explode if I didn't wear a condom during sex...

I grew up
listening to Georgia football on the radio - A.M. RADIO! We were lucky
if 4 games were televised a year. I never missed a second of ANY game. I
would sit in a 120 degree car until the final whistle if need be. We
had one telephone, with a cord and it was a rotary that I had to ask
permission to use. I ate in a restaurant 4 or 5 times a year and wore
clothes til they either fell off or I outgrew them. We had 2 window
units in our house and I didn't own a car until I was a senior in high
school - guess who bought it and insured it? Crime was high and if we
wanted to go somewhere during the day, we walked - often many, many
miles. When I started looking for a job, it took 47 applications before I
finally got one - at McDonalds, making $3.35/hour.

I attended
shitty Georgia Public schools that were UN-air-conditioned (you may find
it hard to believe, but it actually used to get hot back in the 70s and
80s... who knew?) I played high school football in the era where
coaches only let us drink water once per practice, before there were
limitations on when we could start practicing each year, so we practiced
all summer if we wanted to start. My helmet had straps inside, not pads
- and spearing, clothesline tackles, horse collar tackles, head slaps,
and taking cheap shots @ wide recievers & quarterbacks was not only
legal, but expected... I've never run a 4.4, never benched 500 lbs and
never been visited by a college coach. I paid my own way to college and
worked at Pizza Hut wearing brown polyester for 40 hours a week while
attending a full load of classes.

My family is full of nuts, my
neighborhood kind of sucked, and so did my prospects. I would have
killed to have worn the red & black, just to run onto the field and
stand on the GOD DAMN SIDELINE - ONCE. When I screwed up and got a DUI,
no one came to bail me out, I went to court alone, paid my fine, did my
community service and dealt with it. It sucked, but I figured I learned
that was probably something I shouldn't do again... So that I could
afford my DUI fine, I went without electricity and and gas for a summer,
which meant the only 2 things that worked in my house were the door
lock and the toilet... I ate white bread and canned mushrooms for many
weeks in a row because that's what the gas station on the corner had.
When I was feeling fancy, I'd buy eggs or *gasp* Chef Boyardee

So now, here we are.. one of your poor downtrodden
teammates has suffered unjustly from some heretofor unknown boogey man
that clearly has stacked the deck against him. Nevermind that 3/4s of
the state would have loaned him their car and put him up for the night
after he decided to stay in state and play for dear old UGA. Nevermind
that 65% of the state forgave him the 1st 4 or 5 times he failed a drug
test, acted like a petulant little bitch about school or classwork, came
out of every game that an opponent busted him in his little bitch assed
mouth, and generally acted like a little dreadlocked flower with all of
the toughness of a three legged kitten, possessing the smarts of a
window licking retard with water on the brain...

So now he's
taken to driving around with the next generation of UGA players with a
gun that apparently isn't his and lo & behold, the serial number has
been removed ( a Federal Offense that carries a penalty of 2-10 year in
the joint). But it's clearly not his fault, I mean.. how could it be,
he's been a model citizen since he left Columbus and arrived on the big
stage. Every gesture, every nuance would lead the dispassionate
bystander to the opinion that this just COULDN'T POSSIBLY be IC1's gun!

the f__ is the matter with you morons? I was around when Frank Ros and
the boys stole a pig before the 1980 season.. I was aware of the entire
defense getting suspended before playing Miami of Ohio in the Tangerine
Bowl ( a game I watched on that black & white TV - we lost as a
result in spite of being heavily favored), hell I even vaaaguely
remember some of the expoilts of Jake Scott... Every one of those guys
was punished in some way that made them want to die & then they
contritely returned to the team, better men for it. (Well, except for
Scott who told Dooley to f___ off and went to play in Canada before
becoming a Super Bowl MVP eventually.. but he didn't whine like a
freaking bitch that nobody understood **sniff**, **sob**, and besides,
I'm pretty sure Jake Scott could kill any one of you just by yelling).

did your boy IC1 fare after his 6 or 7 chances? Your little boy brains
need to catch up to your full grown man bodies before you find
yourselves hanging off the back of a trash collection truck IF YOU'RE
LUCKY! You're blessed with health, superior athletic ability, and keen
minds.. every advantage possible. Free school, a huge support system,
the adulation of fans everywhere.. and somehow, we just don't
understand? Understand what, that you're a freaking moron? That some of
you waste these gifts and then whine like a bitch because instead of
giving you a 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th chance we dare wonder what'n the hell
is the matter with you?

I suppose instead I should EXPECT YOU
TO FAIL? Then I would understand, right? Are you idiots eating lead
paint sandwiches between all the bong hits you're apparently doing? Be a
freaking man and own up to your situation. It's not everyone else's
fault, the quicker that takes root in your addled brain the better. Take
the gifts that are given you - the OBVIOUS advantages the wheel of
fortune has allowed you to enjoy and make something out of yourself.. or
disappear into oblivion (preferably quietly, lest we think you are an
even bigger idiot than you have led us to believe already).

I hope your dad is en route to Athens to kick you in the ass (because I
doubt our candy- assed coach will), you need it ... Your Pal, Bobby

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